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Maintaining Security for your Complex

Maintaining Security for your Complex


Security is always an issue and a concern for all. Your building is only as secure as the residents make it. You can have the best security system in the world but it doesn’t matter if residents don’t practice the following:  

If you don’t know them … don’t let them in!  No one should follow you in the front door or go in any exterior door when you are exiting them. The same applies to your intercom or your own personal front door: if you don’t know them – don’t let them in. We have seen time and time again, where residents will just buzz anyone in through the intercom system just because it is a female at the door. If they are male or female, young or elderly and you don’t know them, then don’t buzz them in. Criminals are not just one gender or age.   If you see someone that doesn’t belong, please take note. Contractors should all have identification and able to show this to you — we can’t imagine anyone that would mind providing proof when respectfully asked if they belong in the building or on the property.

Don’t allow someone to follow you into the parkade when you are entering or leaving. The proper procedure is to wait for the garage door to close fully after you to ensure that the next person must use their garage door opener.   The vehicle that is following you into the parkade you often won’t know who they are or if they are even a resident of the complex.

Check the locks. Make sure that doors lock after you’ve entered or exited. This is easy to check by just trying to open the door after. Further, check your window locks to make sure they work properly.  Make sure that your doors and windows are left locked at all times no matter which floor you live on.

Get to know your neighbors. Residents who know the people in their building or on their block, are better able to spot strangers. Being familiar with neighbors also makes it easier to look out for one another.

Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle. Just because you park in a parkade does not mean your vehicle is safe from crime. Don’t make your vehicle a target by leaving valuables that anyone can see. Common sense would be to not leave your wallet, purse, credit or debit cards, cash (including loose change) in full display but did you know that thieves also like to target GPS devices, radar detectors and charging cords for handheld devices as it means there could be one left in the vehicle. As well don’t leave your car doors unlocked.

Don’t let junk mail or letters collect in your mailbox. If you have a mailbox at your door or get a paper delivered to your home, have someone collect the junk mail, letters or notices left at the mailbox or door and suspend your newspaper delivery if you are away.   Having a cluttered mailbox just advertises that you aren’t home.

Don’t block your windows. Ensure that shrubs are pruned below window height are not overgrown so thieves don’t have a place to hide.

Suspicious activity should always be reported to the non-emergency police line at 403-266-1234. If a break in is imminent and/or in progress – call 911. If you have been broken into, please report it to the police – call 911 and let your property manager know what has taken place. Being mindful of the above steps along with the awareness of surroundings, can go a long way in the prevention of crimes and property break-ins.

It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety of your building and home. Please help yourself and your neighbors stay safe by following basic safety measures as above.

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