Simco Management provides the right framework for Commercial and Industrial Management

Selecting the right management company for your commercial or industrial condominium corporation is an important and challenging decision. Your condo complex deserves dedicated professionals, with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your property is run to our highest standard, and yours. Simco Management is your one-stop destination for superior commercial and industrial management services in Calgary.

We have the resources needed to assume full managerial responsibility for your commercial and industrial complexes, and we are always willing to customize our services to fit your property’s needs. We pride ourselves on standing out from other property management companies in Calgary when it comes to transparency, innovative ideas, and full-service contracts. And whenever your needs change, we are ready to change along with you!

Some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Preparing an annual budget for board approval along with required GST
  • Collecting monthly contributions fees from owners for deposit in separate “trust” accounts
  • Maintaining accounting records and providing monthly financial reports to the board
  • Attending board meetings and annual general meetings
  • Reviewing insurance requirements with the board and providing annual, competitive quotes
  • Monitoring complex concerns from board members and owners through an online communication portal for all owners and board members
  • Maintaining all historical records (e.g., financial statements, audited financial statements, invoices, vendor contracts, etc.)  from the time of transition. Financials and invoices are available through a secure online platform for board member review.
  • Consulting with the board to determine standards of housekeeping required in common areas
  • Suggesting qualified reserve fund consultants for long-range plans for repairs and/or replacement of the common elements of the property
  • Securing bids, securing contracts, and proposing third-party consultants if requested or required on behalf of the commercial/industrial condo corporation
  • Periodic inspection of common areas
  • In-house 24/7 emergency lines
  • After-hours and regular business hours emergency calls are handled by our Calgary-based staff

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