We have the necessary experience and specialized team for all your rental development needs.

Simco Management has the necessary experience and a specialized team to provide the professional advice needed to start up, manage, and maintain your development successfully. Our team’s dynamic and innovative approach to administrative, financial, and maintenance solutions will ensure your development is professionally structured and operated to appeal to buyers while continuing to enhance the community.

With more than 15,000 professionally managed units in our growing portfolio, the Simco Management team has the skill, proficiency, and knowledge to meet your clients’ needs while also working along with the development team. We specialize in the following management services: rental management, condo management, homeowners association, resident and community associations, commercial and industrial management.

Tailored Solutions for Your Development

Every development requires special attention, and there are many factors to consider. Our customized services will take into account the unique requirements and design aspects of your development. We offer a range of services to ensure your project and investment vision will be achieved in a manner that is true to the specific nature of your goals. Some of our tailored services include:

  • Providing advice on current and emerging best practices
  • Providing consultation on the overall development
  • Preparing a draft budget and rent fee schedule.
  • Conducting by-law and policy/procedure reviews, with recommendations from experienced condo/homeowners’ association lawyers, if needed
  • Liaising with expert insurance brokers, accurately illustrating your needs and expectations in a manner the insurance companies understand
  • Managing the tender process for service providers (e.g., landscaping, snow removal, cleaners, security, etc.)
  • Conducting ongoing owner and tenant engagement

Our Insurance Partner

Our substantial portfolio size has allowed us to negotiate a preferred program for our clients’ insurance needs. This means you’ll receive:

  • Lower premiums which will reduce your strata budget and keep your strata fees competitive during the marketing phase
  • More comprehensive coverage with fewer exclusions through preferred policy wording
  • Discounted homeowners’ policies for strata owners which add even more value to your development project

Our Technology

Rent Manager is our communication and property management platform. It is designed to enhance efficiency and streamline communication in a convenient way for developers/owners and new tenants. You’ll have access to one of the most advanced property management software platforms available. Some of the benefits and abilities of Rent Manager include:

  • Ability to integrate homeowners’ manuals, welcome information, and all other documents on the development
  • Coordinate in-suite deficiency communications to save time, money, and callbacks, while also tracking progress
  • Communication of project changes throughout the construction phase
  • Communication of other important announcements
  • Make payments