Simco Management provides the right framework for Resident and Community associations

Simco Management provides the right framework for resident and community associations to determine how they can meet their needs through our personal service, attention to detail, and a commitment to their community.

We believe that satisfied homeowners are more cooperative and involved within their community. To achieve this satisfaction, Simco Management believes customer service is as important as property maintenance and accounting.

To encourage your resident homeowners’ association to function most effectively, some of the services we offer include the following:

  • Comprehensive, accurate financial statements
  • Professional and timely maintenance
  • Assisting with delinquency issues, including legal aid
  • Preparing monthly financial statements that are distributed to the board of directors in a timely manner
  • Opening and maintaining bank accounts as directed by the board of directors (each association’s funds are deposited into an account for their specific property, and funds are never intermingled)
  • Maintaining account ledgers and history for each homeowner
  • Assisting the treasurer in preparing and submitting a proposed annual budget to the board
  • Reviewing billing for accuracy in cost and goods, preparing and mailing checks for approved invoices
  • Generating and mailing out correspondence necessary to bring delinquent accounts up-to-date. If unsuccessful in collecting, work with the association’s legal counsel for appropriate legal action.
  • Assisting and cooperating with any outside auditing firm(s) that may be retained by the association

Simco Management strives to tailor our management services to fit the needs of each resident or community association. We work closely with board members to develop policies consistent with the association’s goals, assessment collections, covenant enforcement and vendors expectations. Contact us today to receive a quote for your resident or community association.

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