A Dedicated Rental Management Company with You in Mind

What should you look for when selecting a rental management company? Start with a managerial team that consists of well-seasoned professionals licensed with the Real Estate Industry of Alberta. Ensure those experts are members of the Calgary Residential Rental Association and then ask about their experience handling rental properties similar to your own. Follow these steps, and you can feel confident that you’ll find exactly what you need. A rental management company like us, Simco Management.

We have years of experience offering rental management in Calgary, and we always keep your needs in mind. From customizing services to accommodate your property and your desires, to keep you up-to-date on developments with your rental property, our professionals remain focused on maintaining your property for maximum profitability.

Why We’re Calgary’s Best Choice for Rental Management Services

We understand what it takes to protect your most cherished investments. Perhaps you’re an investor, and you don’t have the skill or desire to maintain your properties alone. Maybe you’re an owner trying to maximize profit from a property that you no longer use personally. Either way, you can count on our experienced professionals to fill in where needed or to take complete control.

Our professionals are fluent with the Residential Tenancies Act. And we do more than make sure that rent payments are collected and maintenance duties are completed in a timely and affordable fashion. We also protect your investment from costly legal encounters and issues with code enforcement officials. If you’re not confident in your ability to manage your property alone, rest assured that you’re in good hands when you select Simco Management for rental management in Calgary.

Simco Management has a high standard for our buildings and liaises between our tenants and landlords to ensure each party’s needs are met. Our rental professionals are licensed with the Real Estate Industry of Alberta and are members of the highly regarded Calgary Residential Rental Association. Simco Management Rental Managers utilize legislations outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act and apply this knowledge to the day to day operations in the management of your property.

The property management services provided by Simco Management can be customized to suit a variety of different needs for today’s property owner or real estate investor-owner. Our management professionals can oversee all aspects of managing your property, including:

  • Advertising your home’s unique aspects
  • Simplifying the tenant selection for you
  • Monthly collection of rents
  • Regular care and maintenance of your property

Comprehensive Leasing and Management Package

This package offers a complete lineup of services that ensure your property is managed to your specifications starting with:

  • Providing rental market evaluations
  • Advertising and promotion of your property
  • Showing your property to prospective tenants
  • Completing the rental application with the prospective tenant
  • Completing tenant screening selection, including, but not limited to:
    • Credit checks
    • Employment references
    • Previous landlord and residency references
  • Signing lease agreements and addendums with tenants
  • Collecting security deposits
  • Property inspection/condition agreements (move-in and move-out inspections)
  • Negotiating lease renewals with existing tenants
  • Collecting monthly rent
  • Accounting for income and expenses
  • Monthly financial statements and reports
  • Administration of security deposit refunds to past tenants
  • Eviction procedures and representation at Residential Tenancies Dispute Resolution Services if required
  • Periodic property inspections (scheduled and vacancy)
  • Coordinating landscaping and snow removal services as required
  • Forwarding of bad debt to a collection agency
  • Provisioning NR-4 form for tax returns
  • Recruiting and supervising all on-site staff

This comprehensive service package will appeal to owners that do not wish to handle the day-to-day operations of their property or live outside of the city or country.

Rental Property Management Includes:

  • Rental apartment buildings
  • Rental pools
  • Townhomes
  • Duplexes
  • Individual condominium units
  • Single-family homes

Repairs and Maintenance Services

Simco Management ensures all repair and maintenance services are dealt with in a timely manner, including some of the following:

  • 24-hour emergency assistance for all residents
  • Annual scheduled maintenance of mechanical, smoke detectors, and inventory of mechanical and major appliances
  • Maintenance Department available for the coordination of full property renovations, flooring, painting, kitchen/bathroom cabinets, modernization of fixtures
  • Maintenance Department available for the coordination of minor repairs at competitive industry rates

To learn more about our management services or for a quotation, please fill out our online request form.